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Play along as Steve Jobs reveals all that Apple has in store for us at the 2011 WWDC Conference with our Apple WWDC 2011 Keynote Rumor Bingo.

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Rumor Round-Up

This was a rumor until Apple had to go and spoil all the fun with a press-release. Oh well. Still what is it really?

Music in the iCloud
Ooooh – the mysterious iCloud – will it let you stream your music?

TV/Movies in the iCloud
Everyone’s focused on music, but could iCloud also store all your favorite tv shows, movies and cat videos?

Apps in the iCloud
Store your apps in the cloud and launch on demand. It might require some careful rejiggering (please don’t be put off by the tech lingo), but I’ve seen implementation elsewhere, so it is possible. This is not so much a rumor as wild speculation. Hey – they don’t call me krazy for sticking with reality.

New Notification System
Hurry up and already and give us a better notification system – what is this, 2007?

Menu Screen Widgets
Everyone else has them – why not Apple. I don’t know about this one. To me some of the Android UIs with widgets seem really cluttered. They would be be nice for the home screen though.

Home Screen Widgets
Please, please, please let me see my calendar entries, news, stock quotes, and weather without having to log in.

Speech Recognition
Yes, yes there is a voice dialing, launch feature, but Apple bought Siri for a reason. There deep semantic search could be quite an asset. It would also be nice to have native speech recognition available for all apps.

Augmented Reality
This is another one pulled out of … thin air. Everyone else is doing it. ALthough most implementations seem half-baked. It may be premature this year, but Apple will jump on this someday.

Wireless Synch
Cables are so 2010.

Free MobileMe
Is MobileMe now iCloud? If so then free that. Everyone loves free.

New MacBook Air
It’s about time.

iPhone on Sprint/T-Mobile
Rumors of sightings in the wild, but are these beasts ready to emerge with the current gen, or do we have to wait for the iPhone 5/4S?

New Gestures
The Developer builds of 4.3 include a number of 4 and 5 finger gestures which were dropped with the actual release. Will these make a comeback?

Face Recognition Unlock
We’re such bosom buddies. My iPhone should know me by sight by now.

Near Field Communication
Another bandwagon item. I know it needs hardware, but Apple will need to release some library’s if they wany third-party app support.

Twitter Integration
Sure – why not?

New iPhone
They said it wouldn’t happen…but I can dream!

New Apple TV
This would seem like the perfect time to update the Apple TV now that new media offerings are in the works. Your heard it here first! and probably last.

Subscription iCloud
Good things come to those who pay!

New iDevice
Maybe the iCloud will be an actual cloud display your every thought. Probably not.

Return of Steve
He’s back at the helm! – this time for good!

App Store on Apple TV
The console of the future in wee package.

New Development Languages/Tools
Do I have to keep using Objective C?

Groupon and the other couponeratti are growing like crazy. Can Apple afford to let this slip them by? I believe the answer is yes.

Music Subscriptions
An all you can eat monthly subscription service across much of the iTunes catalog. Sort of a Netflix for Music.

TV/Movie Subscriptions
Head to head with Netflix. I love me some Netflix but someone’s gotta give them some competition.

Time Capsule Update
Save all your precious files – perhaps synched to the iCloud?

AirPort Update
A Wi-Fi router/switch has never been so magical!

Turn- by-Turn Navigation
Free turn by turn navigation built right in. This one is from Rob on Today in iOS Podcast.

AirPrint to Any Printer
Also from Rob at Today in iOS. This would be nice. Personally, I already downloaded one of the drivers online that enabled this and it has been wonderful. I had an old HP laser printer that I love that I can’t print to from my Vista machine (I know, I know – I’m just too cheap!) because of lack of driver support. I can now print to it from my iPad. It’s sad that I have to email docs from Vista to print via my iPad.

Password Protection on Apps
No smurfberries for you! Also a good suggestion from Rob at Today in iOS.

Overhauled Game Center
The current version is a bit Chintzy. I could see a visual overhaul that better reflect the variety of gaming experiences that are coming to iOS. Thanks to Rob at Today in iOS for this suggestion as well.

Find My Mac
This one comes courtesy of Gizmodo. I’m not so sure about this prediction since I would expect that it would necessitate adding two things to all Mac that they don’t currently have, GPS and a cellular data connection. Those are a possibility, but their addition would be a much bigger deal than a Find My Mac service. Even as krazy as I am I wouldn’t predict this. Still Gizmodo gave this a 100% rating and maybe Apple will find a way to make it work.

Heard of any other rumors? Let me know and I will add them to the list.

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