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I know, I know! They say it won’t happen, but can’t a boy dream!

Just in case all the analysts are wrong we present: Apple iPhone 5 Rumor Bingo.

As with the WWDC version, simply click the squares as Steve announces new features and products. Don’t like your card, simply refresh the page for a new one.

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iPhone5 Rumor Round-Up

Named iPhone 4S
This would go along with rumors of continuation of the current design. The iPhone 4 has seen strong and consistent demand, but my feeling is that a minor bump would open the door for the competition. When the 3GS came out, Android was not much more than a bit player. That’s changed and Apple can’t afford to cede much ground to its competition.

Named iPhone 5
I think this the smarter move on Apple’s part branding wise as it gives a consumers a clear distinction between the next generation and the last. But what do I know?

OLED Screen
IPS has terrific readability and image quality but OLED screens have more vivid colors. I think this is unlikely at the moment, unless OLED manufactures can match the pixel density seen in the retina display.

4-inch Screen
A number of Android phones have been sporting 4 inch screens as of late, and Apple may feel compelled to match screen sizes.

iPhone on Sprint
With CDMA support now an option, the technical barriers to a Sprint iPhone have been removed. RUmor has that Apple is looking to hire signal engineers to work in Sprint’s hometown leading additional credence to this happening, but not necessarily to it happening now.

iPhone on T-Mobile
I’d say this is pretty likely. Rumors have it that T-Mobile iPhones have been spotted in the wild.

iPhone in Colors
Apple has been going strong with the white and black iPhones. I expect that injecting some color into the line could get quite a few consumers to take the plunge, or those with existing iPhones to upgrade. Witness the strong demand for the recently released white iPhone 4.

No Home Button
A fascinating rumor and one that could see a big shift in the phone interface. Some of the spculation swirling around this has the button being replace with an expanded screen with a soft button filling the role. This would allow for a variety of different interface changes as the presentation and function could be changed on the fly. On the flipside the button provides a great way to orient the phone without having to look at the screen.

3D Screen
This one is a bit nuts, but there are some Android devices coming out with a 3D screen. Apple may want to let this one mature a bit more before making the leap.

Google is definitely making this a centerpiece of the upcoming Android generation. Apple may feel the need to follow suit. Then again, they may want to wait and see if there really is consumer interest in the technology being integrated with a phone.

8MP Camera
While the iPhone 4 camera got strong marks in the image quality department, it lagged on the megapixel scale especially as compared with some Android models. With some good 8mp camera options out there, this would be a simple upgrade.

10MP Camera
8MP is great and all, but for the stat obsessed 10MP is better.

1080P Video Camera
720p was great and all, but we all want more meaning 1080p. We’ll see.

iPhone Nano
This puppy seems doubtful at best. The strongest argument that I could make for it would be that Apple has typically cut the low-end previous generation phone to $99 to sell at the low end of the market. The design of the iPhone4 may make that difficult, so they might look to create a more streamlined version to fill this nitch.

CDMA/GSM World Phone
Pretty likely. Rumor is that Apple is licensing a Qualcom chipset that can support both protocols. Having a single model helps cut manufacturing costs and smooths out supply chains.

Gamepad Peripherals
FRankly, this is something I’ve been desiring for a while. Just synch up a bluetooth gamepad or plug one into the 30-pin connector and go to town. Several group have proposed this option in the past, but none have come to fruition.

3D Camera
This may be something of a gimicky feature, which Apple tends to stay away from, but it might also be a way to push some boundaries on the hardware front.

Curved Glass
A DigiTimes rumor. Not much more to say on this one.

Metal Back
I’d say this is pretty likely. Not only would it reduce manufacturing costs, but it would dramatically reduce the damage rate observed with iPhone 4s.

Integrated SIM Card
This would allow apple to simplify their case design by removing a port, and is just an overall more elegant design. Carrier resistance especially out of Europe could be a countervailing factor, but Apple has shown a knack for forcing carries into line.

Pretty unlikely. A key part of Apple’s brand is consistency of experience. The current patchwork if LTE availability not just in the US would argue against this. I would expect to see this in a 2012 model, however.

Same design as iPhone 4
Look for this to happen if the iPhone 4S rumors pan out.

64GB Model
A boost in storage space at the top end of the line is long overdue. I’d say this is pretty likely.

A5 Processor
This is just a gimme. With the iPad featuring the dual-core A5 processor, and dual-core becoming somethin of a standard in the current crop of Android phones, this is pretty much a certainty.

New Antenna Design
Even if Apple keeps the same general design as the iPhone 4, look for a revamped antenna design. Otherwise expect to see a rehash of last year’s Antennagate stories.

September Release
This seems to be consensus time-frame. I would be happier with an earlier release schedule.

That’s it for now. Heard of anything else in the works? Let us know and we’ll add it.

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